Heavy Duty Aluminium Trays

Buffalo Equip’s welded heavy duty aluminium/alloy ute trays (also known as ally ute trays) are built on the same concept as their welded steel ute tray from the headboard right down to the chassis mounts, the main difference being all material used for the welded alloy ute tray have an increased thickness.

The headboards of the custom trays for utes are standard 76mm or 3″. All drop sides and tailgates are 3mm thick and come standard with box section welded into the top and the bottom of the alloy tray.

Further below you’ll find a selection of Buffalo aluminum tray designs. To view a sample of all the different trays check out Buffalo Equip’s custom ute trays photo gallery.

custom aluminium ute tray to buy from Buffalo Equip
Just one of our many aluminium ute trays for sale.

Why Choose Buffalo Alloy Ute Trays?

The Buffalo alloy ute tray won’t rust, does not require paint and is up to 60% lighter than its steel equivalent, making it the ideal choice to increase payload while not affecting the vehicle’s GVM.

The welded aluminium ute trays are relatively unaffected by saltwater, fertilisers, the majority of agricultural chemicals, lick blocks and feed supplements.

All of Buffalo’s heavy duty welded aluminium trays are 100% Australian made and manufactured using Australian labour. So when strength, appearance, usability and true quality count, you can trust Buffalo Equip, the custom ute tray builders servicing all of Australia.