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If you’re wanting to run a fridge, freezer, camp lights or any other electrical accessory –ensuring a few creature comforts instead of totally roughing it in the great outdoors – we have a 4×4 tray accessory that’s right up your alley.

Our 100% Australian-made under body tool boxes can store up to a 130AH dual battery, making them  perfect for 4WD enthusiasts those who love going bush.

With the latest technology and emissions gear going in under the bonnet, there is no longer enough room to mount a second battery – aka dual batteries – for the purpose of running a portable 12V fridge or freezer on weekend camping trips or to power you through a long trip.

Essentially made to complement your tray and enable storage of ropes, ratchet straps and any other items you may not be able to store inside the cab, our departure angle tool boxes are also the ideal spot to mount your auxiliary battery.

Not only do they allow easy access, these 4×4 ute tool boxes can be locked and they are away from the heat of the engine bay. This ensures there will be no issues with the ancillary battery functioning due to it becoming too hot under the bonnet.

It’s the ultimate 12V battery box solution, providing peace of mind and an independent power source wherever you venture.

All we need to create your new custom tray with under body rear departure angle tool box is the make, model, year and colour of your vehicle. Be sure to get in touch with our team today to discuss all customisation options available.

From heavy duty steel ute trays to aluminium ute canopies, we have an extensive list of options available for all requirements.


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